How to find a Good Health Insurance Advisor?

How to find a Good Health Insurance Advisor?


Who do you go to when something is wrong with your car? – The Mechanic. Who do you go to when you don’t feel well? – The Doctor, of course. Do you depend on your own skills and intuition to deal with the situation? -Mostly, no. And do you trust just any other mechanic or doctor to solve your problem? -No. You go to someone who is trustworthy and who knows what he or she is doing).

These responses answer why you need to find a good health insurance advisor. You can’t buy a health insurance policy  just by yourself (there are so many products and a great deal of fine print to understand); similarly you cannot trust just any other advisor while buying a policy (it is after all your health and money!).

Here are some tips to help you choose a Good Health Insurance Advisor:

Go to a Health insurance Broker- The first step in finding a good health insurance advisor would be- knowing where to look. We advise you to opt for health insurance brokers for your health insurance advice than health insurance agents; here is why –
They sell products from different companies:

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