When to Purchase Homeowner Insurance – and What to Buy

When Should You Purchase Homeowner Insurance? If you’ve purchased a home you need insurance – it’s as simple as that. Homeowner insurance protects you not only from damage from fire or other disasters but in many other ways (more on that later). Every mortgage holder will require the homeowner to acquire sufficient insurance coverage to […]

Compare Home Insurance Quotes Online

Find the Right Home Insurance, Compare Quotes Online Now   Sopranos star Drea De Matteo was one of many people who recently lost their homes to a fire that completely destroyed their apartment building in New York City. The fire which severely injured multiple people completely destroyed the entire building leaving every resident homeless and ruining everything they […]

5 Basic Tips That You Should Apply When It Comes to Buying Homeowners’ Insurance

Your home is a beautiful castle- the place where you throw amazing parties, the nurturing environment in which you raise your kids and the oasis of relaxation that calms your nerves and reduces your stress levels after a long day spent at the office. If your home is your most valuable belonging, you should do […]

How to Buy the Best Homeowner’s Insurance Policy in 5 Simple Steps

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that you could ever make. This is precisely why you need to learn how to protect your valuable asset against all conceivable risks. You have to realize that there are numerous threats that can disrupt your normal balance and leave you homeless and covered in enormous […]

5 Factors that Can Raise Your Homeowners’ Insurance Premiums

If you are planning to buy a new house, there are a lot of things that you should consider, apart from its location, aesthetic value and price tag. Do you know how much money you would have to spend on insurance premiums? Most importantly, are you able to identify the main drawbacks that would inevitably […]

5 Excellent Ways to Spend Less Money on Your Homeowners’ Policy

In these difficult economic times, only a few people actually manage to buy the houses that they live in. Those who finally manage to turn their real estate dream into reality want to find the best way to protect their investment. Obviously, a first step in the right direction would be to purchase homeowners’ insurance. […]

3 Surprising Facts about Home Insurance That You Should Consider Before Making a Purchase

Your house represents one of your most valuable assets. This is precisely why you need to realize that an accident, a burglary attempt, a natural disaster or an act of vandalism could impact its functionality and its curb appeal and make you spend a significant amount of cash to bring it back to its original […]

7 Home Insurance Buying Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Can you actually afford not to invest in home insurance? If a devastating tornado would wipe your house off the face of the earth, could you really manage to cover the losses out of your own pockets? Most American families can’t provide an affirmative answer to this question. If this is also your case, note […]

How Much Money Should You Actually Invest in Home Insurance?

Your home is your most valuable possession. It represents the end result of many years of hard work, so you probably want to do everything in your power to protect its value for the longest period of time. Even the most solid construction can be severely deteriorated by a plentitude of factors. Fires, floods, earthquakes […]

3 Great Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Home Insurance Policy

These difficult economic times force numerous Americans to start pinching pennies. Most of them have already managed to set their priorities straight and now know how to separate the things that they couldn’t live without from the items that could actually be considered a mere waste of money. Clearly, home insurance can be listed in […]

Strategies That You Could Apply to Spend Less Money on Home Insurance

In these difficult times, more and more people strive to save money by making smart purchases. You could spend less money on clothes, accessories and even food, but could you actually afford to invest less in insurance premiums that guarantee your peace of mind? The answer is yes. Now you can actually preserve your resources […]

Getting the Lowest Price on Your Home Insurance

Purchasing home owners insurance is pricey especially if you’re not looking in the right place to get home insurance quotes. Here is some guidance to help you keep some money in your pocket when looking for home insurance. A few pointers: • Browse around the internet before calling an agent to get a homeowners insurance […]

Hurricanes, Burglars, and the Price of Home Insurance

Work, retirement, health concerns, the irresistible call of adventure – there are a hundred and one reasons why people choose to move. And moving is certainly not a simple task. There are so many logistical aspects that need to be taken care of, including finding reliable movers, figuring out how you and your belongings are […]

The True Cost of Living in your State

Moving is considered to be one of the top five traumatic events in the average person’s life, and this is especially true if you are moving to a whole new state. To begin with, there is the stress of selling your home, packing your belongings, and hoping that they arrive at their destination in one […]

Shopping Around For Free Home Insurance Quotes

As a brand new homeowner, you want to do the most that you can to protect yourself from foreclosure, from losses that can happen, and from accidents that can occur while in your home. The only way to make sure that your valuables will be recompensed in case of a loss is to get home […]

Reasons Why Home Insurance Is Critical

Everyone has heard of some of the major disasters that can affect a home – earthquakes, floods, or even fires can tear apart a home, destroying all the items that you have worked so hard to earn. Disasters are terrifying events, and what is so scary about them is that they can happen to anyone […]

Florida Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Florida Homeowners Insurance Coverage Are you thinking of buying Florida homeowners insurance? There are some hurricane coverage’s which all buyers should be aware of. In the United States each state owns its own requirements and locally quirks everybody that needs to purchase homeowners insurance must know. For example, earthquake coverage is handled differently in the […]

Why Do You Need Home Insurance?

Why Do You Need Home Insurance? Article by Michael Johnson Home insurance protects your home and your property in unforeseen circumstances like the natural calamities, burglary and lawsuits. Home insurance is not just advisable but essential too. Losing your home and all of your personal possessions is one of the most horrifying experiences a person […]

What You Need to Know About Your Homeowners Insurance Before Building Your Swimming Pool

What You Need to Know About Your Homeowners Insurance Before Building Your Swimming Pool Article by Cliff Berman There’s no better way to beat the heat this summer than by spending as much time as humanly possible hanging out in the swimming pool-especially if you’ve got the backyard space to build your own pool, beating […]

Insurance – Myths and Realities

Insurance – Myths and Realities I continually hear the same questions or statements when discussing why people need an inventory. We all agree (unfortunately) that an insurance policy reads as easily as any other legal document! This, of course, is the source of not being able to understand your coverage. So I’m here to dispel […]