Compare Auto Insurance Quotes Online in One Easy Step

There are few things many people dread more than trying to compare quotes for auto insurance. Anyone that has had to do this knows that it usually includes dealing with pushy agents that are aggressive in their pitch to gain your business. They throw out all the different statistics trying to demonstrate what sets their quotes apart from all the other companies. Then the next agent comes in a uses their own statistics to show why the other agents are wrong.

After hearing all the pitches you have to try and figure out which option is best. This typically includes studying reviews and talking to people to find out if anyone has had bad experiences with any of the companies. The last thing you want is to become one of the horror stories of having an insurance company that doesn’t pay when a catastrophe occurs.

After going through this with as many agents as you can handle you are forced to sift through all the pitches and decide which one to go with. This process can be time consuming and stressful. For those still going through this, online technology has produced a better way to find auto coverage. You are now able to compare quotes and companies of multiple auto insurance companies online using only one site. Using a company such as you are able to skip the whole process and compare auto insurance quotes online quickly and easily.

So without the “helpful” insight of the agents how do you know what to look for in an auto insurance policy? The first step is to figure out how much coverage you need for your car. There are some different factors that should go into deciding on this. The first is what amount of coverage the law requires you to carry in the state you live in. Most states require at least carrying liability on any car that is being driven. Liability coverage covers only damage and injuries to other people involved in an auto accident caused by your error. Any injury or damage to you or your property will not be covered under liability coverage. This is a great option for older, less valuable cars that aren’t worth the extra cost to cover. If there is a loan on the car most lenders require the vehicle be covered with comprehensive coverage which covers all damage and injuries in an accident.

In addition to the type of coverage you will want to determine how much coverage you need. For example Lindsay Lohan who famously wrecked her $180,000 Mercedes fleeing from paparazzi needs far more coverage than the average person. The general recommendation is that you get enough auto coverage to cover your assets. For example if you have $50,000 in assets and your insurance only covers $25,000 for injuries an attorney could sue (and win) for your personal assets to cover costs above what the auto insurance covers.

Once you have decided what coverage you need the next step is to check your driving record. What is listed on your driving record will directly impact how much your auto coverage will be. Once you have this it’s time to compare quotes. This is where comparing auto quotes online will make your life so much easier. Using makes it possible to get multiple companies competing for your business in one easy step. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own couch to do it either.

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