Getting Motorcycle Insurance – The Quick and Easy Way

Motorcycle Insurance – Have a Safe Ride

There are many reasons to purchase motorcycle insurance, the most obvious being that you own a motorcycle. Yes, the fact is that shopping for and purchasing insurance is just as important as buying the bike itself. Having motorcycle insurance benefits the owner in many ways:

  • Protection of the motorcycle
  • Protects you from other riders or vehicles on the road
  • Makes you legal – yes insurance is required by law with hefty fines for violators
  • Saves you from considerable financial loss if you damage property or cause injuries
  • Coverage for medical expenses to you, your passenger, and others

There are additional reasons to have insurance that we’ll cover later in this article but first, how do you go about acquiring motorcycle insurance?

What Motorcycle Insurance Do You Need?

Just as with automobile insurance there are a variety of types of coverage and options to be considered when shopping for motorcycle insurance. Your first step should be to contact your state insurance department to inquire about what coverages are mandatory in your particular area. When shopping for insurance rate quotes online by zip code these requirements will automatically be taken into consideration, making your selection options reliable and convenient. Beyond the basic requirements there are a number of special coverages that pertain to your needs:

Basic liability – this is often the minimum coverage required by law, which covers medical expenses incurred in an accident. Don’t discount the need for sufficient liability coverage. Some riders find when an accident has occurred that their coverage was not adequate to cover all damages.

Passenger coverage – motorcycle insurance is not the same as automobile insurance shutterstock_201352892that covers your passengers. If you plan on riding two-up it’s your responsibility to include liability coverage for your passengers in the event of any injuries.

Comprehensive – this coverage protects you from damages such as vandalism, fire, theft, or even damage from natural disasters such as storms or floods.

Collision – much like auto insurance this pays for repairs or replacement of your bike in the event it is damaged or totaled in a collision.

Uninsured or underinsured motorist – this protects you from damages or injuries caused by other drivers who don’t have enough insurance – or any insurance – to pay for losses that are their fault.

Customized options: Many companies offer additional coverage for specific equipment or services:

  • Special equipment such as sidecars or custom electronics or audio equipment
  • Roadside assistance
  • Trip interruption expenses
  • Custom components such as specialized exhausts, upgraded paint, saddlebags, or seats
  • Protective gear – you can insure your expensive protective riding gear, as well

Motorcycle Insurance Mistakes

Turning to online resources is your best and easiest way to obtain comparable rate quotes quickly and conveniently. Be sure to include accurate information to get the most accurate rates that apply to your equipment and riding habits (year-round, seasonal, off-road, etc). Other information that can impact your specific rate quotes includes:

  • Age
  • Driving record
  • Length of time with your current insurance provider for other policies
  • Multiple policies with a carrier (home, life, auto)
  • How and where your bike is stored
  • Riding experience (new riders may experience a somewhat higher rate)
  • Where you live
  • Credit score (yes, this is even a factor in your rate)

Let the prospective company know if you have attended and completed any pertinent safety courses for motorcycle operators. This could make you eligible for extra discounts.

Don’t take the first rate quoted – compare not only the rates but the level and quality of coverage.

Don’t provide personal information such as social security numbers or credit card numbers. Companies that ask for these items should raise a red flag to you.

Once you’ve found the rate that sounds best to you online, if your current provider of other insurance appears to not be in the running for your business, contact your agent anyway. It could be that multi-policy discounts would apply that makes your existing company the best contender for your business.

Check Out Your Motorcycle Insurance Company

Your insurer will of course be checking out your driving history and other applicable information before putting a policy in force. You should do the same for the company. Not all insurers provide the same quality of service, and some have a questionable history of settling claims. You also should make sure they are financially viable and have a clean bill of health from your local Better Business Bureau.

There are numerous resources you can consult for insight into a company’s record with policy-holders. Internet sites are also at your disposal to investigate the company’s financial standing and reputation including Consumer Reports and such well-known consumer-related analysts as J.D. Power.

Check social media for reviews of prospective insurance companies. Some may be categorized as venting or sour grapes of course, but a large volume of bad reviews against a company should present a warning to you.

Your state’s insurance department is another resource you should contact before signing a policy. They are the governing organization that licenses both companies and individual agents in your area and monitors them against requirements for conduct and fair practices. They also conduct any investigations initiated by complaints of policy holders and can inform you of repeat offenders or companies currently being investigated.

Motorcycle Insurance – Not an Option

You need to be a responsible rider and obey all laws when operating your motorcycle. Purchasing insurance is just one step toward meeting those responsibilities legally and financially.

For a quick and easy method of obtaining motorcycle insurance rate quotes by zip code visit the site. You will find an efficient way to obtain coverage tailored to your personal needs from the convenience of your office, home, or mobile device.

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