Health Insurance in India and Abroad

Health Insurance in India and Abroad


There is a difference in the Indian Thali and the American Pizza, there is a difference in the Indian Bollywood and American Hollywood, there is a difference in Dr. Manmohan Singh and Mr. Barack Obama, and there is a difference in the Indian health Insurance and the American Health insurance sectors. Some of these differences are distinct, while the others are subtle.

The Differences are-

Mandatory coverage / voluntary coverage

Firstly, unlike in India, it is almost mandatory in the USA that each individual be covered under a health scheme. Whereas in India, it is voluntary, if an individual wishes, he can buy health insurance for himself and his family.

All the more, the almost mandatory coverage in the USA is not just limited to individuals, but to employers too. As such employers need to ensure that all the employees in the firm are covered under a health scheme so long as they are working with them. Also, the employer needs to continue coverage for a defined period even after cessation of employment. But in India, it is voluntary for companies to provide health insurance to employees.

So what if you are an outsider?

As an extension to the above point, mandatory coveragein the USA is not limited to their citizens alone. It extends further on to Hispanics, immigrants, and other non-American citizens. However, such practice is non-existent in

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