Benefits of Buying Health Insurance Online

Benefits of Buying Health Insurance Online

We have all heard the elder members of our families cribbing with the typical line, “Hamare zamane me…” The usual comparisons of how things were done better then and how today, due to advancements in technology, things are becoming impersonal and probably worse.

But with 49 million Internet Users, double the size of the population of Australia, Internet has come of age in India. Buying over the internet (ecommerce) growing at 30% annually has been reported to cross a whopping Rs.5000 Crore in 2009. From airline and railway tickets, to bookstores, internet banking, to gizmos and toys, shopping is moving online and how.

All said and done, convenience is king. Postcards have been replaced by email. Matrimonials, Classifieds, Jobs all have moved online.

Health Insurance companies and providers are not behind either. Where buying Online health insurance policy was initially only through personal interface, or through a neighborhood agent, we now also have online health insurance policy buying.

Understand the features, Fill a form online, and pay through credit card or internet banking and ta daa! You are covered with a Health Insurance! There are varied players who sell Online Health Insurance. Each of them has their own advantages, disadvantages.

Insurance Companies Online:

As the heading suggests, these are companies which sell their own products online. It’s like buying the

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