Basics of a Health Insurance Policy

Basics of a Health Insurance Policy


You really want to get your health insured but you dread the claims processes, the kind of documentation required, the uncertainty associated with reimbursement, the complexities surrounding pre existing diseases and the endless waiting period associated with buying a health insurance policy. We simplify facts for you, and answer some of the most basic questions that have been troubling you….

What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is the medical insurance provided to you by an insurance company, wherein it reimburses the medical expenses you incur as a result of your valid hospitalization. All you do is to pay a certain amount (subject to conditions) once each year, known as premium, which keeps your health insurance policy active. So, health insurance helps you get a good medical treatment and a smooth hospitalization recovery.

Who needs Health Insurance?

Well, a better question would be, ‘Who does not need Health Insurance?’ and the answer is everybody needs it, but few are aware and realize its importance. While you may not suffer from any ailments and this may give you the impression that you may never need to be hospitalized, life may surprise you

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