Top Tips for Getting the Best Classic Car Insurance

Top Tips for Getting the Best Classic Car Insurance

When Does a Car Become Classic?

In general insurance companies will consider a car to be classic if it is older than 15 years old.  Some providers may require the car to be older than 20 years or even 25 year before deeming it to be classic. You will need to get the exact definition of classic from each provider before you apply for classic car insurance. If your car is a lot older then it may be classed as vintage (manufactured between 1903 and 1933) or even veteran (manufactured before 1903).  It is a good idea to use a specialist insurer for these older cars.

Which Providers Offer Classic Car Insurance?

Not all insurance companies will provide cheap classic car insurance.  Some of the larger insurance companies will cover classic cars but only under a standard policy as used for modern cars.  If you have a rare or valuable classic car it is worth seeking out specialist providers.  They will be able to provide classic car insurance policies that can offer more suitable cover for your individual vehicle.

Top Tips for Classic Car Insurance

You could save a lot of money on your classic car insurance by taking the time to research the market. Understanding the factors that affect car insurance can help you to cut costs and still get the cover you need.  Here are just a few top tips to help you buy the best cheap classic car insurance:

Car Value – the condition and rarity of your classic car will significantly affect its value. Insurance companies may not always take into account this factor when valuing your car for insurance purposes.  For example if you have a one-off edition classic car in mint condition then it will most likely be worth more than standard models.  It is a good idea to take out a “guaranteed agreed valuation” with your classic car insurance to make sure your car is valued for its true worth.  This might cost a few pounds more but will be worth it if you need to claim on your insurance in the future.
Mileage – as with standard car insurance policies mileage can be an important factor when determining classic car premiums.  You can save a lot of money if you keep your mileage lower than 10,000 or even 5,000 miles per year. Limited mileage policies can offer cheap classic car insurance options and are available from many specialist classic car insurers.
Breakdown Cover – classic cars are prone to breakdown. This can be a combination of their age and the less robust nature of the parts used on older cars.  You should make sure you have a breakdown cover in place either as part of your car insurance policy or as a separate product.

Make sure you compare car insurance to get the very best deals around.

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