Three Good Reasons to Get Motorcycle Insurance

The good news is that the recession is slowly lifting and the economy is showing sure signs of bouncing back. However, many of us still have to deal with reduced incomes and a rising cost of living, and the only way to make ends meet is to cut fiscal corners wherever possible. Unfortunately, one of the first expenses to meet the chopping block is insurance. While most people hang onto their auto and home insurance policies, other types of policies are often cancelled, such as supplemental home insurance. Motorcycle insurance, in particular, gets dropped because many riders feel that it is an unnecessary expense. However, when you compare insurance rates, motorcycle insurance is no more expensive than auto insurance. And if you go a step further and compare motorcycle insurance rates by ZIP code, you will most likely find that there are many budget friendly policies available in your area. Given the fact that motorcycle insurance can be affordable, there is really no good reason not to get a policy, especially because the benefits of owning a policy far outweigh its costs.

Staying on the Right Side of the Law:

Put simply, it is illegal in most states to operate a motor vehicle without insurance, and a motorcycle certainly falls within that category. Many riders rationalize not getting motorcycle insurance under the mistaken belief that since they only ride infrequently, they do not require motorcycle insurance. However, it does not cost much to purchase a good policy as you will see when you compare insurance rates by ZIP code. Wherever you live in the country, it is far more affordable to pay for motorcycle insurance than it is to pay the fines if you get caught without it.

The Biggest Fish Principle:

It is an unfortunate truth that the smaller your vehicle is, the more vulnerable you are to being devastated by your larger counterparts. For all its speed and power, a motorcycle is no match for a multi-ton car, just as a car barely stands a chance against a semi-truck. Sadly, the odds are higher that you will be in an accident if you ride a motorcycle, in which case the chances of sustaining significant physical injuries are pretty high as well. Having a motorcycle insurance policy doesn’t just protect your motorcycle in the event of damage – more importantly, if you were to get injured in a motorcycle accident, your policy would cover your medical costs as well as any loss of income you might incur while recovering.

The Right Price:

When you compare motorcycle insurance rates by ZIP code, you will probably find that they do not vary significantly from state to state, nor do they diverge much from the rates you would pay for auto insurance. There are many ways to get discounts on your motorcycle insurance policy, including maintaining a good driving record. In addition, many insurers offer a multi-policy discount if you combine your motorcycle policy with an auto or home insurance policy. A good agent can help you find a policy that is within your budget and gives you well-balanced coverage.

When it comes down to it, there is really no good reason not to get a motorcycle insurance policy, even if you are an infrequent rider. Accidents happen without any warning and it is better to be covered before the fact. Even if price is a factor, you can find a good policy at a reasonable rate by taking the time to compare insurance rates by ZIP code. That way, you will have a good idea of what you should be paying for a policy that could end up being crucial to your long-term financial well-being.

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