The Most Common Problems and Pitfalls of Small Business

The Most Common Problems and Pitfalls of Small Business

Article by Simeon Pennisi

The dream of owning your own business can, sadly, often turn into a nightmare, and many would be business owners are deterred from ever starting because they are afraid of what could happen. While there is no limit on what could go wrong (in business or with a job) the problems small business face usually fall into one of three categories. However simply by understanding these problems it becomes easy to avoid them altogether.

Legal ProblemsSince most new business owners begin with little or no experience in business itself they are unaware of the detail and importance of business law. In day to day life as a citizen or employee legal issues are few and far between, however, it is another matter altogether. Because businesses are formed by legal documents, make their contracts (for everything from sales to employment) through legal documents, and have an ongoing interaction with customers and the public, it is essential to have good legal support. It is well worth not only researching the subject, but also securing honest legal advice from a good attorney, preferably one with small business experience.

Support ProblemsGood attorney are not the only advisers needed, and many small businesses flounder for lack of good advice or service. For almost any business good tax advice is a necessity as is good insurance, banking and possibly many other areas

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