How Can You Choose a Great Business Insurance Agent

How Can You Choose a Great Business Insurance Agent

It’s fair to assume that most business owners want to develop a long-term relationship with an insurance agent. They want this because they don’t really like insurance, nor do they bother to read insurance policies. They wish someone else would just take care of it for them! By partnering with a professional agent who does like insurance and actually does read policies, it’s one less worry for a business owner, and a big one.

The way the insurance market is set up is not really in the best interests of the business owner. Many small business owners are constantly being approached by insurance agents that may represent just a handful of carriers. These agents are really just sales agents for the insurance company. The insurance company might tell the agent something like, “we’re really competitive for workers compensation in the restaurant business.” These small agents will then call all the restaurants and say, “I can get it for you cheaper”. As a result, many small businesses have multiple agents because they have been buying based on price. If insurance policies were a commodity, that might be okay, but, if you’ve ever read one, you find they’re really complicated contracts. What the small business owner really needs is a broker that is not trying to feed a few carriers, but will truly place the insurance with the right carrier and the right price.

So, how do you make sure a business insurance agent is professional and reputable?

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