High Risk Car Insurance California Coverage

High Risk Car Insurance California Coverage

In California, it is illegal to drive a car without auto insurance.  This important kind of coverage ensures the protection of the vehicle, the car owner and the passengers of both cars.  While having car insurance California will not prevent an accident from occurring, comprehensive coverage will provide a financial safety net so a crisis does not occur from a single mishap on the road.  If you have been in more than your fair share of car accidents, you may be considered a high risk driver.  In this case, you may be required to obtain high risk auto insurance to legally drive in California.  If you are caught without auto insurance, the consequences can be dire.

Causing many accidents can be one reason you are considered a high risk driver, but simply being a teenager can categorize you as high risk simply due to limited driving experience.  The result of this is a high monthly premium for inexperienced teen drivers.  To encourage good driving habits, car insurance California premiums decrease as teens prove their safety on the road as the years pass.  The cleaner your driving record is, the lower your premium will be.  Your driving record accounts for accidents you have caused as well as traffic laws you have violated.

Apart from causing accidents and beinga teen driver, you may also have a high premium if you have a car that is considered to be higher risk, such as a sports car.  Car insurance California companies know that many sports car owners like to drive quickly and dangerously when they can get away with it.  Even if you are not that kind of driver, if you are getting coverage for a sports car, your premiums will increase. This is a consideration you may want to make when selecting what kind of car you want to purchase.

Higher deductibles and limited amounts of coverage always result in lower premiums, even if you have high risk insurance.  This is a give-and-take situation, however, because lower coverage and higher deductibles can result in financial devastation if you get into a bad accident.  Limited coverage to drive in California legally are hardly comprehensive and will really only provide a minimal proportion of coverage should you need it.  If you need high risk car insurance California, you may need to seek out a company that specifically covers high risk drivers and owners of sports cars.

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