Health Insurance: Must for every Indian

Health Insurance: Must for every Indian

Today India’s population has crossed a mark of 1000 million. With the rising population and modern means the need for the health care services is on the rise. Today the question is to assess the India’s preparedness towards the health of its people. One of the interesting and shocking facts is that only 3 percent of India’s population is covered by some form of health insurance.

Today India being one of the fates growing economy is seeing a large capital inflow from health care. As the rates for the health treatments are on extreme rise the rise for the health insurance is also on rise. Again we should be well informed about the company which provides insurance.

How much to spend?
The best way to invest in the health insurance is to start the claim at an early age. This way you will be able to get the insurance easily and will be able to negotiate better with the insurance companies. The quotes for the various health insurance can be easily found at
Know all Benefits:
Whatever be your age, you will always want a health insurance policy which provides you the maximum coverage and lowest premium. All these factors can be easily compared on with the help of few clicks.

The important point to note that apart from the monthly premiums there might be other hidden costs associated with health insurance:
1.)    Co-payment: This amount is to be paid whenever you have to see the

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