Dispelling Some of the Most Common Health Insurance Myths

Pill PigHealth insurance is as useful as an umbrella during a rainy day. It offers you the protection that you need in some of the most difficult moments of your life, when you are affected by a more or less severe health concern. Lack of insurance is a very common problem impacting the financial stability of the uninsured person, but also the future of his/her entire family and last, but definitely not least, the national economy.

According to recent studies, 1 in 7 Americans does not benefit from a health insurance policy.  This means that an unexpected illness or an accident would catch them off guard and force them to cope with enormous expenses that would leave them mired in massive debt. Still think that you don’t need health insurance because you are young and disease-free? Or that most of the uninsured people don’t invest in this type of coverage because they are unemployed? These are only a few of the most common preconceived ideas that could guide you in the wrong direction. Below you will find other dangerous myths about health insurance that you should ignore from now on.

1)      Only a Few Americans Do Not Have Health Insurance

Still think that lack of insurance is a small, negligible problem affecting a small group of people with limited financial possibilities? Think again! According to the numbers provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 41 million American citizens do not have a health insurance policy and are exposed to considerable risks and sky-high out-of-pocket expenses. If you are one of them, act fast to protect your financial independence. The type of coverage that may be suitable for you is most likely more affordable than you may think. You can use several online calculators to determine the right kind of policy for you, based on your needs, concerns and specifications. Or better yet, you can simply rely on Insurance Quote Depot to compare health insurance rates by zip code and make an informed purchase.

2)      Most People Who Do Not Have Insurance Are Poor and Do Not Have a Job

This is definitely a false assumption. Recent statistics reveal that 8 out of 10 uninsured people come from working families. The problem is that they aren’t being offered any benefits, in terms of health insurance, or cannot afford to cover their share of the overall cost. This doesn’t mean that individuals who are not insured live from paycheck to paycheck. Unfortunately, some of them, even the ones with superior financial means, don’t know how to prioritize their expenses and don’t understand just how important health insurance really is.

3)      Lack of Health Insurance Doesn’t Lead to Any Economic Risks

We live in difficult economic times. This means that we have to spend our money wisely and cut unnecessary expenses. On the other hand, refusing to invest in health insurance to save some extra cash is a poor decision. Any insurance experts will tell you that lack of health coverage is one of the most important causes of personal bankruptcy. In this context, can you really afford to live without a great policy tailored to your individual needs?

A sudden illness or an accident can dig deep holes in your pocket. It’s no surprise that hospitals stays are very unpleasant. They are also very expensive. Hospitals bill you for every single pill that they give you. According to an article published by the New York Times, 3 stitches could cost you a whopping $2,229. The same source indicates that the average costs triggered by a one-day hospital stay are evaluated at approximately 4,000 dollars. Furthermore, it seems that high-end hospitals could charge you more than 12,000 dollars per day.

Could you actually be able to cope with these unpredicted expenses or would you have to borrow money from relatives and/or sell some of your most valuable personal belongings to get out of trouble? To avoid extremely unpleasant situations and huge medical bills that could leave you broke and miserable, invest in a personalized health insurance policy and keep major risks at bay.

4)      Uninsured People Get the Kind of Care That They Need Anyhow

If you are one of those people who think that their refusal to purchase this type of insurance won’t affect their welfare, general state of health and ultimately, their quality of life, now would be the best time to reconsider. Uninsured individuals don’t get the kind of medical attention that they need, when they need it the most. In some cases, when people are diagnosed with serious problems, like colon cancer or breast cancer, for instance, they require special treatment that should be administered as soon as possible. Delays can be fatal. If one of your relatives was diagnosed with cancer or any other disease that may affect you also, choose to spend some money on an excellent policy that would help you face any kind of worst-case scenarios.

5)      The High Number of Insured Patients Doesn’t Impact People Who Are Covered

This is another common myth that should be ignored. Hospitals are forced to deal with higher numbers of patients who do not have health insurance. To cover the expenses associated with uninsured patients, hospitals make patients cope with bigger bills. If you think that lack of insurance doesn’t affect you directly and indirectly, now would be a good time to revise your opinion.

Clearly, health insurance represents a top priority. It offers you a superior level of protection and the guarantee that you wouldn’t be forced to beg, steal or sell your valuable belongings if you were to require hospitalization and/or medical treatment. The right coverage gives you peace of mind and enables you to secure your future. To get your hands on the best policy, just compare health insurance rates by zip code. The whole process is simple and time-effective. Find the best deals, call your favorite insurance company, schedule a meeting with one of their agents and profit from affordable coverage that you need and deserve.

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